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Time Management Hacks

Time management has become the “new” communication or networking. It’s the skill students and early-stage professionals are told they need but are never told how to develop it. Recent graduates always tell me they wish they had better time management skills upon entering the workforce. In this workshop, I provide concrete ways for students and early-stage professionals to manage their time. These methods help to save time, better prioritize, and improve focus and efficiency.

Virtual Productivity Journal

This digital journal isn’t a way to just manage “to-dos.” Rather, it incorporates some of my time management hacks and helps students and early-stage professionals prioritize and schedule out their days. This journal embraces daily preparation, review, and reflection to encourage professional progress. 

Using an Entrepreneurial Mindset

The criticality of the entrepreneurial mindset for work became even more apparent when we transitioned to a virtual world during COVID-19. In this webinar, I explore the benefits of the entrepreneurial mindset and why it’s necessary for the rapidly evolving workforce. I discuss how this mindset can set undergraduates up for success in and out of college and provide ways to apply it mindset in their daily lives.

Your Starting Point in Your Job Search

In the early months of Unraveled, many students disclosed they were unsure of how to begin their job searches and candidly didn’t know where to start. Consequently, I created this “Job Application Resource” to help students get going. This resource enables students to deeply reflect on their interests, strengths & weaknesses, and motivations and have a better understanding of what jobs and organizations may interest them.